Who is responsible for calculation of NAV of a Mutual fund scheme?

Fund Account is responsible for calculation of NAV on day to day basis of a Mutual fund scheme.

I am a person of Indian origin and residing in USA. Can I invest in Indian mutual fund schemes?

Investment in Indian mutual funds can be made by Non-resident Indians and Persons of Indian origin residing in the United States of America after providing required documents. A US person needs to be present in person in India to make a transaction.

Being a U S citizen, what mode of subscription payment will be accepted by Indian mutual funds?

The Subscription made by US citizen is accepted only in off line mode during their Physical presence along with certain documents and declaration.

What are the platforms that a distributor/investor can use as a mode of transaction?

A distributor/investor can use Mutual Fund Utility (MFU) Transaction, Transaction through Stock Exchange; DEMAT Transaction as a mode of transaction.

Can an investor convert his Mutual Fund units into demat form but again converting the demat unit into physical form?

Yes, an investor can convert M F units form Physical to demat and from demat to physical form.

What refers to Tier I and Tier II account in National Pension Scheme?

Pension Funds Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) is the regulator for the National Pension System. There are two types of accounts – Tier I (Pension account) which is non-withdraw able and Tier II (Savings account) which is withdraws able to meet financial contingencies.

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