What refers to KIN?

KIN refers to KYC identification number. It is a 14 digit unique identification number which need to be quoted by the investor while doing any transaction.

What is an NFO?

New Fund Offer (NFO) is a new scheme launched by AMC after getting due approval of SEBI and Trustees under the name of trust.

Does the information provided in SAI and SID is commonly applicable for every scheme of a fund house?

No, the details and information provided in Statement of Additional Information (SAI) and Scheme Information Document (SID) are applicable only for a particular scheme for which it is issued.

How can I invest in a NFO?

You can invest in New NFO by following these steps –

  1. Take the application form from distributor
  2. Go through carefully the Offer Document/ Key information memorandum
  3. Fill the form and make the payment to the distributor (cash payment not accepted )
  4. Distributor will send it to RTA for processing
  5. After successful completion/ fund realization, RTA will create units for investor.