1. In a Mutual Fund, the Investor has to separately pay for the Professional Fund Management services.

2. After investing in a mutual fund scheme, the investor gets a right to select the securities in the portfolio of that scheme:

3. Mutual Funds help generate employment and also help enhancement in economic development.

4. All profits/losses in the Mutual Fund scheme portfolio belong to the _____________of that scheme.

5. Primary function of a mutual fund is to help investors earn income or build wealth by

6. Mutual Funds generally have access to ______funds collected from a _________number of investors. Fill the blanks.

7. Investors can invest in units of a particular scheme at ___________ when a new scheme is launched which is called “New Fund Offer” (NFO).

8. AUM stands for

9. An Investor can control the cost or the expense ratio of the Mutual Fund Scheme.

10. The specified time frame for an open-ended mutual fund scheme is_________

11. Tax Deferral is achieved by opting for :