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1.  It is mandatory for an Asset management Company to appoint a Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA) to maintain the record of Unit Holders.

2. The auditor appointed to audit the scheme accounts has to be the same as the auditor of the AMC accounts.

3. A Custodian is responsible for :

4. The Stock Exchanges which provide facilities for Mutual Fund trading also do the functions of Mutual Fund RTAs. - True or False?

5. Custodian monitors and tracks corporate actions like dividend, Bonus and Rights issues of companies where the scheme has invested.

6. Scheme auditor is appointed by Trustees, AMC auditor is appointed by AMC.

7. cKYC allows investors to complete their KYC only once  before dealing with various entities across the financial sector.

8. Payment aggregators like Bill Desk etc. are the service providers who facilitate ___________ processing.