1. Unit certificates are non-transferable. True or False?

2. Within how many days should an open-ended scheme reopen for sale and repurchase?

3. What is the maximum duration for which NFO (except ELSS) can remain open?

4. A scheme (except ELSS) has to allot units or refund money within ________ business days of closure of NFO.

5. If there is a delay in payment of refund of the amount paid by an investor in NFO, then interest @ __________ p.a. for the delay period needs to be paid.

6. In NFO, once the units are allotted, open ended schemes must re-open for sale/ repurchase within ___________ business days from the date of allotment.

7. How many nominees can an investor appoint?

8. An investor can pledge units of Mutual Fund as security against loan. True or False?

9. A mutual fund must send Scheme-wise Annual Report or its abridged summary within ________ of the end of a financial year.

10. If there is a change in fundamental attributes of a scheme the existing investors must be informed and given an opportunity to exit the scheme. The period during which they can exit without exit load is –