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1. A new mutual fund scheme is launched through –

2. Decision to launch a scheme is based on the inputs of –

3. How long can SEBI take to offer suggestions on Offer Document?

4. The maximum period for which NFO other than ELSS can remain open?

5. Which document should an investor refer to make an informed investment decision?

6. Legally, is SAI part of SID?

7. Does SEBI approve Offer Document of mutual fund schemes?

8. SID mentions asset classes as well as specific securities where the scheme will invest. True or False?

9. How long is draft SID hosted on SEBI’s website?

10. Where would be the risk of an Index Fund as per riskometer?

11. Where are product labels of a mutual fund scheme placed?

12. If a scheme is launched in November, 2018, what is the last date by which SID should be updated?

13. Which document contains information about Sponsors, AMC and Trustee Company?

14. Where can an investor find scheme reopening date of an open ended scheme?

15. Which of the following is not contained in an offer document?

16. Which of the following is a fundamental attribute of a mutual fund scheme?