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1. Existing Investor investing a sum of Rs 10000 and above, transaction charge will be?

2.  Transaction charges on SIP are applicable if

3. Maximum commission payable to a distributor on his own investments will be :

4. The Trail commission received by Distributor can be passed on to the investor up to a limit of :

5. Where MF scheme is more than 3 years old, the performance in advertisement will be provided in terms of CAGR for past :

6. Advertisement Code for Mutual Fund has been mandated by

7. Asset management companies pay _____________ to agents in successive years until the investment is withdrawn.

8.  Trail Commission payable by AMC to distributor is calculated on NAV of related investment based on

9. Relationship between an AMC and a distributor is on a basis of :

10. In case of Money Market, cash or Liquid schemes, performance can be advertised by simple annualization of yield if performance is available for at least

11. Trail commissions are linked to valuation of portfolio in the market-True or false

12. The Trail commission payable by Mutual Fund to a distributor:

13. Mutual Fund Investments are subject to ________, read all scheme related documents carefully.

14. SID is known as :

15. Distributors have an option of opting out of charging Transaction Charges but it will be applicable only at the distributor level or based on a type of product:

16. What is required to form the basis of appointment of a mutual fund distributor:

17. The Expense Ratio of the Direct Plan of a particular MF Scheme will be ______the Regular plan of the same scheme:

18. Professionals working with intermediaries and  engaged in sales/marketing process of mutual fund products must obtain EUIN (Employee unique identification number) from