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1. What is the market price of a share if its PE Ratio is 20 and EPS is ₹12.5?

2. What is the Price to Book Value if – Net Worth = ₹25 Crore, Number of Equity Shares Outstanding = 10 Lakhs, Market Price of a Share = ₹1,250?

3. When will a company pay high dividend yield?

4. What do the technical analysts study to arrive at buy/ hold/ sell recommendation?

5. Under which investment style will the investor buy stocks which are priced lower than their intrinsic value?

6. What does EIC Framework stand for?

7. Which asset class will be impacted the most because of a bull run in stock market?

8. Which portfolio building approach involves evaluating the company first and industry later?

9. Money market securities mature within one year. Correct or incorrect?

10. What is credit spread?

11. Which credit rating means lowest credit risk?

12. When the interest rate in the market rise, value of a debt security will _________.

13. What does modified duration of security indicate?

14. If the fund manager expects interest rates to fall where should he invest?

15. Weakening of rupee will lead to increase in price of gold. True or False?

16. How are interest rate and real estate prices related?