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1. What is the use of core portfolio?

2. Which of these is a passive fund?

3. Close ended funds offer higher liquidity than open ended funds because they are traded on stock exchange. Correct or incorrect?

4. If an Indian investor has invested in an International Equity Fund of America, what will be the impact of strengthening of dollar?

5. An investor asks you to recommend him a scheme. He has money that he can invest for 3 years. He is looking to invest in debt but would like higher returns and would like something of an alternate to fixed deposit. Which type of scheme would you suggest?

6. ______________ invest in debt securities whose tenor is 1 to 3 years.

7. When it comes to debt, longer the duration, more stable the returns. Correct or incorrect?

8. Which scheme closely tracks the price of gold?

9. As a structured approach to decision making, following four decisions have to taken in a sequence. Which is the first decision?

10. Which funds invest in those stocks that are expected to grow higher than the market?

11. Which of the following carries the highest risk?