1. Units of gold ________________ are traded on stock exchange.

2. Which asset class has the least transparency and standardization when it comes to determining price?

3. Who regulates the National Pension System?

4. Asset class A invests in _______________ as per the National Pension Scheme.

5. Out of the following two investment options, which one is better to handle inflation risk?

6. Which of the following is the best route for an investor if he wants to invest in the shares of gold mining and processing companies?

7. If a bank fails then what is the maximum amount that will be paid under Government's insurance scheme to those who have fixed deposits in the bank?

8. Which investment option should an investor avoid If he wants to earn regular income?

9. Which category of mutual fund schemes are permitted under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act provided new regime of lower tax slabs is not opted for?

10. Which type of asset class in NPS carries risk of default?

11. What is the investment option under which an investor can deposit gold in a bank and earn interest income?

12. The investor must get his PRAN changed within 6 months of changing his employer. True or False?

13. Who manages the Pension Funds?

14. Under Conservative Life Cycle Fund of Active Choice model of private sector NPS, what is the maximum limit of investment in equity?

15. In which of the following asset classes can an investor allocate his investment under National Pension Scheme subject to regulatory limits?

16. Asset class C invests in _______________ as per the National Pension Scheme.

17. An investor needs to withdraw money for some financial contingency from his pension account. From which account of his can he do so?

18. Which category of investors are worst affected by inflation risk?

19. A ___________ asset is under direct possession and control of the investor and provides him psychological comfort.

20. More than 50 percent of the wealth of Indians is held in financial assets.

21. What does PFRDA stand for?

22. How much can be invested in equity-oriented securities under Government model of NPS?

23. What is the unique ID of subscriber of NPS?

24. What is the formula for calculation of real rate of return?

25. What kind of mutual fund scheme is an MIP?

26. What is the advantage of Gold ETF over holding gold in physical form?

27. Who is responsible for selection of stocks and securities in a mutual fund scheme?

28. If an investor wants to invest in gold for long term in financial form, which option will be more suitable?

29. What is the maximum limit of investment in asset class A of NPS?

30. Under Moderate Life Cycle Fund of Active Choice model of private sector NPS, what is the maximum limit of investment in equity?

31. What is the lock in period of ELSS?

32. An investor looking for an alternative to bank account should invest in -

33. If the investment corpus of an investor is not very large, which investment option poses greatest concentration risk?

34. An investor can invest in Gold Futures Contract through -

35. The New Pension scheme is regulated by IRDA and PFRDA both because it has an insurance component also?

36. Which statement is correct -

37. What is included in Recurring Expenses?

38. Which factors mainly determine the Share price of Gold mining company?