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1. Any individual below 18 years of age (MINOR) can ______________

2. In reference to KYC, PAN number is not mandatory where investment in mutual fund is less than Rs. 1 lakh:

3. Initial purchase of units in an open-ended scheme can be made even after the new fund offer (NFO)period:

4. ASBA is the abbreviated form of :

5. Request for redemption of units can only be in number of units:

6. Under Systematic Withdrawal Plan, there is no implication of Exit Load or taxation.

7. Only ___________ Investor can make nomination.

8. The stock exchanges which provide mutual fund trading facilities also have to provide for settlement guarantee - State True or False?

9. A Non-Resident Indian (NRI) can invest in India and can opt for the sale proceeds not to be transferred abroad on repatriable basis.

10. Investors do not have the option to invest directly without routing the investment through distributors under Direct plan.

11. SEBI has not prescribed any cut off timings to ascertain the NAV to be applied to purchase or redemption transactions:

12. In the context of Mutual Funds Industry, MFU stands for:

13. Under Systematic Investment Plan, Investors can book SIPs by investing through post dated cheques (PDCs).

14. The access of demat facility for mutual fund investor has ________with NSE and BSE providing screen-based platform for transactions in mutual fund schemes:

15. In relation to the transmission of units, in case of a single holder, where there are no nominees, the units are transferred to__________.

16. NAV applicable for processing a mutual fund transaction depends on ________ .

17. An Indian Citizen having attained an age of ____ Years is eligible to invest in any Mutual Funds Scheme:

18. Other mutual funds registered with SEBI are eligible to invest in a Mutual Fund Scheme.

19. Once the KYC of an investor is done by a KRA, investor has to submit only the ________________________ for any further investment.

20. Demat Account increases the risk involved in process of physical transfer of certificates and other documents.

21. The NAV of units gets proportionately increased post bonus issue.

22. In relation to any dispute with regard to the nomination, the ___________law of the country is to be relied upon to finalize the issue:

23. In case of allotment of Bonus Issue of Units, the investor has to make the payment by way of:

24. For Liquid Scheme, if request for redemption/ switch outs is received after 3 pm, the NAV applicable will be Closing NAV of the next business day.

25. Under the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), investment is made at specific periodic intervals which _______ the cost of acquisition:

26. A Non Resident Indian (NRI) can invest in India and can get the sale proceeds transferred abroad on repatriable basis.

27. What exception is made for investments by Systematic Investment  Plans, if the annual investment is below Rs 50000?

28. FATCA stands for:

29. If investor already has a folio with the mutual fund, only __________needs to be submitted with the requisite payment for investment purpose.

30. For an equity scheme, if the Subscription / switch in application with investment amount is received after 3 pm, the applicable NAV will be:

31. For making Investment in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Units, opening of a Demat  account is mandatory:

32. Re-purchase price can be determined by ___________exit load from the effective NAV.

33. In Dividend payout option, the fund declares dividend from time to time. Since NAV falls to that extent, there is a liability of Dividend Distribution tax.

34. Some Mutual Funds these days give an option to investor so that by setting a Trigger, an investor can transfer money into an equity scheme when market goes down by a specified percentage.

35. Which statement is correct

36. SIP investment can be done through -

37. The guideline of cut off timings is not applicable for NFOs & International funds.

38. Systematic transfer plan is a combination of SIP and SWP.

39. Transfer of security from one scheme to another scheme is not allowed in MF.

40. It is mandatory for AMCs to mention the unclaimed amount and the number of such investors for each scheme in the annual report .

41. Under Systematic Transfer Plan, instead of systemic redemption and payment of investment back to investor, amount is withdrawn from one scheme (Source scheme) and is reinvested in some other scheme (Target Scheme) of some other mutual fund.

42. SEBI has mandated that effective 1st January,2021, for purchase of units (except liquid and overnight schemes), closing NAV of the day shall be applicable on which the funds are available for utilization irrespective of the size and time of receipt of such application.

43. In case of minor - Payment for investment shall be accepted from the bank account of the minor or from a joint account of the minor with the guardian only.

44. Upon the minor attaining the status of major, No further transactions shall be allowed till the status of the minor is changed to major.