1. Which funds invest in those stocks that are expected to grow higher than the market?

2. Initial Issue expenses of any Mutual Fund Scheme are

3. Trustees are responsible to ensure all transaction entered into by AMC are in line with ___________________ and are compliant with related regulations.

4. Which document contains information about Sponsors, AMC and Trustee Company?

5. Demat Account increases the risk involved in process of physical transfer of certificates and other documents.

6. Gilt Funds invest only in Treasury Bills and _________________.

7. A new mutual fund scheme is launched through –

8. Where can an investor find scheme reopening date of an open ended scheme?

9. If an investor wants to compare returns from two schemes, where the investment period was different and less than one year, which return would he compare?

10. How much can a scheme invest in listed securities of group companies of sponsor?

11. The Stock Exchanges which provide facilities for Mutual Fund trading also do the functions of Mutual Fund RTAs. - True or False?

12. Which document should an investor refer to make an informed investment decision?

13. Advertisement Code for Mutual Fund has been mandated by

14. For an individual investor, Debt Fund Long Term Capital gains are taxable @ 20%________________.

15. An investor asks you to recommend him a scheme. He has money that he can invest for 3 years. He is looking to invest in debt but would like higher returns and would like something of an alternate to fixed deposit. Which type of scheme would you suggest?

16. What is the lock in period of ELSS?

17. Which of the following is not contained in an offer document?

18. Which of the following carries the highest risk?

19. What is the use of core portfolio?

20. Legally, is SAI part of SID?

21. Trustees of a Mutual Fund Trust are responsible for protecting the interest of:

22. The difference between the NAV and the Re-purchase price is termed as:

23. What is the MS Excel formula for calculating the future value of the requirement?

24. Under Moderate Life Cycle Fund of Active Choice model of private sector NPS, what is the maximum limit of investment in equity?

25. The Scheme of a Mutual Fund  is  paying regular dividends . Can this scheme be used for Capital Appreciation ?

26. What is the advantage of Gold ETF over holding gold in physical form?

27. Internet is a distributing channel with a very high cost

28. Conservative Hybrid Fund is basically an equity scheme with only a small proportion of debt and large proportion of equity. True or False?

29. In case of Money Market, cash or Liquid schemes, performance can be advertised by simple annualization of yield if performance is available for at least

30. In which phase should a person reduce (not eliminate) his exposure to equity?

31. Other mutual funds registered with SEBI are eligible to invest in a Mutual Fund Scheme”

32. What does PFRDA stand for?

33. What is the basic assumption of CAGR?

34. A couple in seventies should invest in only debt mutual funds and not equity. True or False?

35. Can Indian mutual funds invest in Real Estate?

36. What can lead to cancellation of intermediary’s registration?

37. If investor already has a folio with the mutual fund, only __________needs to be submitted with the requisite payment for investment purpose.

38. If there is a delay in payment of refund of the amount paid by an investor in NFO, then interest @ __________ p.a. for the delay period needs to be paid.

39.  It is mandatory for an Asset management Company to appoint a Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA) to maintain the record of Unit Holders.

40. Mid Cap companies are the ones which are numbering from ______ in the list of companies in the descending order of market capitalisation.

41. Which of the following is not contained in KIM?

42. What is the responsibility of the intermediary if his employees have access to Blogs/ Chat forums/ Messenger sites?

43. What does EIC Framework stand for?

44. A mutual fund must send Scheme-wise Annual Report or its abridged summary within ________ of the end of a financial year.

45. Does SEBI approve Offer Document of mutual fund schemes?

46. Mark to Market would mean that:

47. Which index is better suited to Banking sectoral funds?

48. When will a company pay high dividend yield?

49. Within how many days should an open-ended scheme reopen for sale and repurchase?

50. In which stage of the wealth cycle, does the investor consider transfer of wealth to his descendants?