1. Trustees are responsible to ensure all transaction entered into by AMC are in line with ___________________ and are compliant with related regulations.

2. Can a distributor sell mutual fund product of distributor’s group/ associate/ affiliate?

3. What does EIC Framework stand for?

4. Trail commissions are linked to valuation of portfolio in the market-True or false

5. Why is Goal Oriented Financial Planning undertaken?

6. Mark to Market would mean that:

7. Conservative Hybrid Fund is basically an equity scheme with only a small proportion of debt and large proportion of equity. True or False?

8. As a structured approach to decision making, following four decisions have to taken in a sequence. Which is the first decision?

9. What is the Price to Book Value if – Net Worth = ?25 Crore, Number of Equity Shares Outstanding = 10 Lakhs, Market Price of a Share = ?1,250?

10. Where would be the risk of an Index Fund as per riskometer?

11. Once the KYC of an investor is done by a KRA , investor has to submit only the ________________________ for any further investment

12. Relationship between an AMC and a distributor is on a basis of :

13. Which of the following ratio measure risk-adjusted performance?

14. A Non traded or thinly traded Debt security is valued on the basis of the yield matrix prepared by an authorised valuation agency.

15. What does modified duration of security indicate?

16. SEBI has stipulated that every scheme should have at least _____ investors and no investor should represent more than _________ percent of net assets of a scheme.

17. The market has been experiencing a bull run and pharma sector has performed very well. A critical legislation is pending in the parliament, which if passed will lead to fall in the price of stocks of pharma sector. An investor has checked the 1-year, 3-year performance of the sector and is confident that sector will give good returns in the future. Which bias is the investor exhibiting?

18. Money market securities mature within one year. Correct or incorrect?

19. If an investor redeems 1 unit out of total 100 units when NAV is Rs. 15 and units are redeemed at face value of Rs. 10, the post redemption NAV will be Rs.

20. If value of purchase and sale of securities is ?6,000 and average size of net assets is ?3,000, what is the average holding period of securities?

21. Who has issued guidelines to prevent circulation of unauthenticated news by intermediaries?

22. When it comes to debt, longer the duration, more stable the returns. Correct or incorrect?

23. Illiquid securities exceeding 15% of total assets are to be valued at _____ value :

24. Where are product labels of a mutual fund scheme placed?

25. STT is applicable on transaction of

26. What is the maximum exit load that can be levied by a mutual fund scheme?

27. What is the portfolio turnover ratio if value of securities purchased is ?10,000 Crore, value of securities sold is ?7,000 Crore and the size of net assets is ?10,000 Crore?average

28. The difference between the NAV and the Re-purchase price is termed as:

29. Where MF scheme is more than 3 years old, the performance in advertisement will be provided in terms of CAGR for past :

30. Accounts and Auditors of the MF scheme and those of the AMC have to be the same:

31. Asset management companies pay _____________ to agents in successive years until the investment is withdrawn.

32. Trustees of a Mutual Fund Trust are responsible for protecting the interest of:

33. How much unrated securities can a scheme own?

34. Other mutual funds registered with SEBI are eligible to invest in a Mutual Fund Scheme”

35. Under which regulations of SEBI is mutual fund covered?

36. Tactical allocation is suitable only for seasoned investors. True or False?

37. Which of the following is a good benchmark for a short term debt fund?

38. The specified time frame for an open-ended mutual fund scheme is_________

39. Who regulates money market and foreign exchange market?

40. Recurring Expenses can not be charged to the scheme since it drags down the NAV of the scheme unit:

41. Which measure of risk is used to identify total risk in an investment?

42. Mutual funds are not liable to pay taxes on their income.

43. An Indian Citizen having attained an age of ____ Years is eligible to invest in any Mutual Funds Scheme:

44. What are the two categories under which customer client relationship and transactions be categorized?

45. Which of these is a passive fund?

46. Re-purchase price can be determined by ___________exit load from the effective NAV.

47. Internet is a distributing channel with a very high cost

48. When will a company pay high dividend yield?

49. If an investor gives a local cheque of Rs 4 crore for investment in Gilt scheme at 11.30 A.M. What NAV would be the applicable to this investment?

50. Can Indian mutual funds invest in Gold?