1. Investors subscribe to a particular Mutual Fund scheme which conforms to objective and need____________.

2. In Mutual Fund, the investment management is left to the competence of the fund manager and investor cannot influence what securities should scheme invest in.

3. Fund running expenses tend to be_______in case of Actively managed funds:

4. Credit Risk Funds Schemes invest in securities with ____ credit ratings and______ interest rates.

5. As per SEBI categorisation, Conservative Hybrid Funds invest predominantly in debt securities  with a small allocation to ______which can range between _____ of the total assets.

6. REIT is the abbreviation for:

7. Liquid Schemes are a kind of Debt Fund Scheme which invest only in short term Debt securities of a maturity of up to ______ :

8. Units of gold ________________ are traded on stock exchange.

9. Which asset class has the least transparency and standardization when it comes to determining price?

10. Who regulates the National Pension System?

11. Asset class A invests in _______________ as per the National Pension Scheme.

12. Out of the following two investment options, which one is better to handle inflation risk?

13. Which of the following is the best route for an investor if he wants to invest in the shares of gold mining and processing companies?

14. If a bank fails then what is the maximum amount that will be paid under Government's insurance scheme to those who have fixed deposits in the bank?

15. Which investment option should an investor avoid If he wants to earn regular income?

16. Which of the following statements is true?

17. A married couple with young children wants to purchase a house in the next three years. Where should they invest money?

18. In which phase is the investor's exposure to equity the highest?

19. Which type of financial planning requires more time and effort on the part of the investor?

20. What is the process of identifying investor's risks appetite called?

21. Which statement is correct?

22. Risk profiling tools should not be used because they reduce investor confidence and mislead them. True or False?

23. Which asset allocation strategy is riskier?

24. Permission from SEBI is required for appointment of Bankers or the Stock brokers as the distributors of Mutual Fund Schemes:

25. The Custodian of a Mutual Fund is responsible for Acceptance and delivery of securities for the purposes of sale/purchase transactions of various schemes of the Fund:

26. Mutual Funds are Governed as per the provisions of Indian Trusts Act since they are constituted as Trusts.

27. Maintaining the records of Mutual Fund Scheme investors is the responsibility of a

28. Essential Feature of a Mutual Fund is that it can sell Units under one scheme only.

29. AMC can maintain the record of unit holders itself if it does not appoint a Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA) to do so.

30. Trustee of one Mutual Fund is also eligible to become trustee of any other mutual fund. 

31. The most important objective of Association of Mutual Fund of India (AMFI) is to regulate Mutual Funds industry. True or False?

32. Mutual Funds only need to follow the regulations laid down by SEBI. True or False?

33. What does an SRO do?

34. Who are the members of AMFI?

35. AMFI's Code of Ethics are a more updated replacement of SEBI's Code of Conduct. True or False?

36. What does SRO stand for?

37. Which of the following is not an objective of AMFI?

38. AMFI's Code of Ethics are a summary of SEBI's Code of Conduct. True or False?

39. What is the AMFI's Code of Conduct for intermediaries called?

40. Which of the following is not contained in KIM?

41. What are the two parts of Offer Document?

42. _______________ contains details of a particular scheme?

43. Which document contains condensed financial information, rights of unit holders and investment valuation norms?

44. Which of the following is not contained in an offer document?

45. KIM contains key points of Offer Document as it is basically a summary of SID and SAI. True or False?

46. Bio Metric document verification procedure is adopted for

47. All MF Distributors, agents or any persons employed for distribution of MF products need to pass :

48. Where the scheme has been in existence for less than _____ year, past performance shall not be provided or advertised.

49. As per Code of Ethics and Code Of Conduct, All Distributors/Market intermediaries have to keep ___________ Interest at the top:

50. A distributor is not liable for the acts and defaults of its agents/ sub brokers:

51. Brokers of Recognised stock exchanges can work as distributors without passing the test of NISM

52. In Mutual Fund Industry, Every AMC gives ARN Number which is to be renewed every three years.

53. What does ARN stand for:

54. The criteria applicable for calculation of NAV of a scheme portfolio having equity share of HDFC bank will be -

55. A non traded or thinly traded  equity instrument can not be valued using the capitalisation of earnings method

56. Uniform valuation by all AMCs is to be ensured in respect of fixed income securities over 60 days:

57. Any Mutual Fund scheme having _______percentage of its total portfolio in equity securities is referred to as equity fund for the purpose of Taxation:

58. Unitholders of a debt scheme receiving dividends are supposed to pay dividend distribution tax.

59. What tax rate is applicable for equity fund less than 12 months?

60. DDT stands for

61. What is the tax applicable on dividend distributed by a mutual fund?

62. All Money market and Debt Instruments with residual maturity up to 60 days shall be valued at the weighted average price on the valuation date.

63. Any individual below 18 years of age (MINOR) can ______________

64. In reference to KYC, PAN number is not mandatory where investment in mutual fund is less than Rs. 1 lakh:

65. Initial purchase of units in an open-ended scheme can be made even after the new fund offer (NFO)period:

66. ASBA is the abbreviated form of :

67. Request for redemption of units can only be in number of units:

68. Under Systematic Withdrawal Plan, there is no implication of Exit Load or taxation.

69. Only ___________ Investor can make nomination.

70. The stock exchanges which provide mutual fund trading facilities also have to provide for settlement guarantee - State True or False?

71. How is PE Ratio calculated?

72. What will a Fundamental Analyst study to determine price target of a share?

73. Which issuing authority issues Certificate of Deposit?

74. How will increase in the yield in the market affect the value of existing debt securities?

75. If the fund manager expects interest rates to rise where should he invest?

76. Real estate prices rise when the economy is unstable. True or False?

77. A portfolio has Beta of more than 1. What does that mean?

78. Which measure of risk is relevant only for debt schemes?

79. Which index is better suited to diversified equity fund which invests in large cap stocks?

80. _______________ measures how closely an index fund tracked benchmark returns.

81. What is a driver of return and risk in a scheme?

82. What will be evaluated in the Fundamental Analysis of a security?

83. Which portfolio building approach involves evaluating first the economy then the industries and finally the companies?

84. Which debt security has lowest default risk?

85. As per SEBI, which returns should be considered to check the performance of a scheme over the years?

86. What is the most important factor that should concern the investor when he invests in debt security?

87. Which type of scheme can own higher percentage of illiquid assets?

88. Mutual funds can hedge their portfolio on weighted average modified duration basis by investing in Interest Rate Futures (IFRs). Correct or Incorrect?

89. Though debt securities do not give as much return as equity but at least there is no chance of loss of principal if invested in debt fund. Correct or incorrect?

90. As a structured approach to decision making, following four decisions have to taken in a sequence. Which is the last decision?

91. Passive funds charge low expense ratio because there are no research or fund management expenses. Correct or incorrect?

92. When units of a close ended mutual fund scheme are sold on a stock exchange, the price at which it will be sold will be equal to its NAV. True or False?

93. Which of the following carries the lowest risk?

94. Which portfolio is used to take advantage of short term opportunities in the market?

95. Which type of funds have a higher risk of giving poor returns because of fund manager's poor strategy?

96. Which type of schemes are subject to the risk of large fluctuation in net assets on account of heavy repurchase?

97. Diversified large-cap funds are suitable for satellite portfolio and sector funds are suitable for core portfolio. True or False?

98. A financial advisor recommends to an investor that he should have as much debt in his portfolio as his age. Which type of asset allocation is he recommending to the investor?

99. If a mutual fund distributor has offices in at least _________ locations, he will qualify for due diligence review process.

100. From income tax point of view, returns of arbitrage funds are treated as returns of -